Master Marathon And Half Marathon Runners

Master marathon runners with as little as just 4 hours a week we guide you to run further and faster without uncertain results and wasted time. Using our Master Marathon Matrix.

Run Smarter, Not Harder..

How do you eliminate the guesswork and the uncertainty and achieve predictable results, confidently showing up on the marathon day, ready to dominate? With countless videos and conflicting advice on the internet, experimenting feels like a shot in the dark while precious days and weeks of training effortlessly slip away.

Will It Work For You?

The Marathon Maximiser Foundations program is an 8-week program that enables marathon and half marathon runners to gain more predictable results from their marathon and half marathon training .So that they become faster and more consistent runners.

It frees runners from the shackles of generic running plans that tend to leave runners unsure of the results they will get.

Foundations, at its core, teach runners how to navigate a training cycle correctly, running at the correct durations and intensities so that runners don't end up with their results plateauing or getting burned out.

It coaches runners to run smarter, not harder.

Marathon Maximiser Foundations program busts through running ruts and enables you to progress your running even as a older athlete.

To navigate the program, we use the Master Marathon Matrix.

How It Works

Start-Up: Onboarding Call

We begin by evaluating your running history and aspirations. This initial conversation allows us to identify and address any gaps, setting the stage for your advancement towards your running goals.

Running Program Development

Unlike one-size-fits-all plans, Marathon Maximiser Foundations tailors a program that lays the groundwork for not only successful race outcomes but also for consistent and predictable training and racing. Through our Master Marathon Matrix, we craft a bespoke plan that follows three core steps:

Discover - Establishing the right foundations is crucial. Without them, it’s akin to building on sand. We focus on ensuring your running program has a solid base.

Develop - With a strong foundation, we introduce strategies to enhance your speed and endurance, further building upon your base.

Dominate - We then focus on developing both the physical and mental prowess needed to achieve your race day objectives, ensuring you're prepared to dominate.

Micro and Macro Communication

Adhering to the K.I.T (Keeping In Touch) principle, our coaching philosophy revolves around constant communication. By actively listening and providing advice, we aim to unlock your full running potential. This involves:

Micro Feedback: Throughout the week, we engage in regular touchpoints via your running plan on Finalsurge or within our 1-1 WhatsApp group, offering immediate advice and support.

Macro Feedback: Weekly feedback sessions allow for a deeper dive into your progress and challenges, responded to with detailed video feedback for a more personalized coaching experience.

Plan Adjustments

We view training plans as flexible maps, not rigid directives. Recognizing that your needs and circumstances can evolve, we are committed to making necessary adjustments. This ensures the plan remains aligned with your goals, lifestyle, and the reality of your training journey.


To achieve optimal results, we conduct regular tests to gather accurate data, guiding our strategy and adjustments.

Pre-Race Strategy Meeting

Prior to your main event, we’ll conduct a strategic Zoom meeting to finalize a race day plan that bolsters your confidence and aligns with your objectives, ensuring you approach the start line with certainty and a competitive edge.

Just Enjoy Running Again. Let Us Worry About The Rest.

The Marathon Maximiser Foundations Program.

No more guesswork. No more uncertainty. In just 8 weeks, we make what was once unclear predictable.

We help return the reins of control, fostering unwavering confidence in your running. A training experience tailored to you, predicting your success, one stride at a time.

8 Weeks To Gain Great Marathon Training Habits

The foundation's program helps half and full-marathon runners to go from the uncertainty of generic running plans that waste time and effort and don't deliver predictable results to becoming faster, more consistent marathon runners.


Why 8 Weeks?

This is a great duration of time for a runner to see the changes that can be made at a reasonable investment. You will, of course, see improvements as you progress. After the 8 weeks, a runner can take what they have learnt and apply it on their own or continue working with us on a monthly basis.

Do I Have To Be Tech Savvy?

The program is online. However, we have a seamless onboarding, which means that you should be good as long as you have internet access.

Will I Hit My PB Goal?

The foundation's program is a program that delivers a way of improving your running for as long as you run. If you have a goal in mind, please talk to us before signing up, and we will be able to advise you on the timeline that your goal is likely to take.

Meet Lee.

I have run multiple and half marathons and ran 10 marathons in 10 days in 2012.As I got older, I realised I could do nothing about getting older, but I had a lot of control over how I aged as a runner.

Over the last nine years, after a chance conversation with a fellow runner in my hair salon that led me to question my beliefs about my capabilities as I navigated through my 50s and beyond, I now share those discoveries and training methods in my running coaching.

The Marathon Maximiser Foundations program is my way of helping runners who wish to improve their marathon or half marathon running and want to maximise their training to get the very best from themselves as older marathon or half marathon runners.

Lee, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your great training advice and encouragement over the last 8 weeks foundations period. I really feel that I now have a much better understanding of how to continue improving in my training.

Your consistent focus on me running in the proper zones and building a bigger aerobic base is exactly what I needed to help me dial in my running compass.

You have excellent communication skills and I would heartily recommend your coaching to other runners looking to improve as you have added great value to me as a runner.

Paul Swicegood

Having been a runner for several years I thought I knew how to be successful, putting one foot in front of another cannot be that hard and so I had never really considered a coach.

That was until I stretched for a new goal: a London good-for-age marathon time.

I was not sure I could do this on my own, and so I took the plunge and began working with Lee.

Running most of my runs slower was strange, and the hard runs were challenging, but I soon began to see the real benefits of a structured programme designed specifically for me and my improvement.

15 months later and I smashed the London GFA time by over 20 minutes, ran London, also in a GFA time and have new PBs in 5k, 10k and half marathons.

It is clear that Lee and the other members of the online training teamwork to bring success and achievement in your running, and I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Lee as a fantastic coach and support.

John Hulme-60 Year Old Runner

I enjoyed the experience, the coaching was appropriate and encouraging. Its left me with principles I think I can continue to build on


Very happy. I loved the personal touch tailored to my needs, and was amazed at how effective your training methods are. I can't fault what you all do. Thank you.

Bryan .

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